Our fearless approach allows us to go beyond creative boundaries, by mixing objectivity with experience and curiosity with expertise to solve any piece of communication, design challenge or project brief.


We are a global design, marketing and communications team specialising in branding and strategic thinking that offer creative communication solutions across the full spectrum of print media, graphic design, packaging, product development, new media, advertising and interior design. We pull together knowledge, inspiration and expertise from across the globe to build brands that thrive in the real world, using a balance of brand strategy, creativity and top end implementation. 

We're not simply graphic designers, or web developers, or brochure creators. We've worked very hard to earn the title of brand experts - meaning that we think like entrepreneurs with the added bonus of being able to create meaningful, powerful brands for our clients which evoke the right emotion that tie experiences and expectations to their brand to maximize their brands in the marketplace.

So if you're asking yourself… “Well I'm just a small business? There’s no way I can compete with big corporations and their marketing budgets? My only choice is the one-size-fits-all logo shop online…” - Think again.

We understand that not every marketer or small business owner has the time, skill set or deep passion to observe or study branding, let alone think of creative campaigns to launch them. This is where we come in. We'll get on board with you, specifically with small businesses, to provide you with original and engaging branding solutions, to build a personal client relationship that offers you feedback and delivers premium creative solutions at affordable prices.

We are not exactly what you would expect from a traditional agency. We don’t like complexity, either in the work we produce, or in the way we work. We enjoy collaborating with like-minded clients and colleagues, because when we collaborate something incredible happens – we discover new paths to creative solutions and understand that in order to create game-changing work this is a road best travelled together. 

As much as we love to be in the spotlight we know we do our best work behind the scenes - analysing challenges, identifying ways to connect with an audience, moulding and shaping messages and producing powerful persuasive communications that change perceptions.


Christopher Radcliffe
Co-Founder and Creative Strategist

Chris is described as relentlessly creative, strategic and an expert at solving problems that others wouldn’t even attempt! Chris began his career as a lecturer of architecture in Liverpool.

As a co-founder and director of Brand Republica, Chris uses his architectural skills to help organisations to identify where, when and how they can provide better, more meaningful and valuable services. He remains a passionate believer in co-creation, design thinking and assisting organisations to help themselves through actively using design to build internal service capabilities to improve the brand experience.

Chris has worked across all sectors, but has extensive experience in legal, automotive, construction, hospitality, retail and technology sectors. His main drivers are strategic thinking, creative minds, great design, professional acumen and international business. A multilingual proud Liverpudlian, Chris has been privileged enough to work and live in many places around the world.

Chris is a future visionary, constantly looking at the past and the present to determine what will happen in the future. An inventor, always working on the next big thing ... but not pie in the sky. An entrepreneur and business navigator that is passionate about design for the future.

His ultimate goal is to develop a robot that can print money, bath the dogs and make a full English breakfast.

Terri Santos Radcliffe
Co-Founder, Design and Art Director

Terri is described as relentlessly energetic, creative, very well organised and always positive. Terri has previously held senior positions in design and brand management within international bluechip advertising organisations, including running the design department at TBWA South Africa for 5 years. She's responsible for ensuring that Brand Republica delivers the best customer experience possible and understands what it takes to deliver this across the full range of brand development activities.

Aside from winning numerous awards and accolades as a team player, Terri has also won numerous Loerie awards and D&AD pencils for her personal design work and was a judge of design communication for several years at the Loeries, South Africa.

Terri’s main drivers are all things technology, good food, good design, travelling and a healthy obsession with beauty sleep.

A multilingual proud South African (although her Portuguese parents would disagree), she speaks several languages fluently and can decode Greek and Geek Speak!