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CASA represents the interests of the casino industry in South Africa as well as the interests of the growing public that the industry serves. CASA’s mission is to actively champion good governance and constructively contribute towards policy decisions that encourage growth and investment in the industry and South Africa.

The Challenge

To conceptualise and design a sophisticated and elegant set of marketing and communication elements for the 13th Casino Association of South Africa (“CASA”) survey, that provides industry stakeholders, and the general public, an invaluable overview of the challenges and successes faced by the commercial casino industry. Out challenge was to not only create communication that kept the reader engaged but to also make information flow in a way that was easy on the eye.

The Outcome

Sophisticated simplicity is one of most difficult tasks for any designer. We met the client’s challenge by creating a generic icon that was representative of the casino industry as a whole and emblematic of CASA’s aims and values. We also created a set of infographics that strategically broke up the heavy content, making reading the survey a seamless exercise. The hero icon was instantly adopted by the client as their survey emblem and was key in pulling the campaign into a single, consistent message that led to great a great response from their audience.