CHARLOTTE BATES  Project Manager

Project Manager


Charlotte is described as business savvy, straight down the line, very well organised and a brilliant project manager. Previously Charlotte has gained extensive experience with luxury global brands, including Harrods of London and Links of London. 

She has a passion for store design and brand strategy, as well as the procurement and punctual delivery of all of the services we offer.

As a global project managemer in retail design, construction and interior installations, Charlotte has delivered a wide range of prestigious international exhibition stands to clients on time and on budget. She is also responsible for  the procurement and supply management of goods and services,International logistics.

Main drivers are client satisfaction, problem solving, good creative and professionalism. Charlotte lives and breathes everything London, because she was born there and she loves it.

If Charlotte can’t solve a problem in London, then nobody can. She also loves to travel the world and drink cocktails on tropical beaches, which is why we call her Champaign Charlie. 

Best kept secret - was a potter in a previous life. Ultimate goal - to own her own private jet and fly around the world every new years eve.