A sexy bikini and beachwear brand, that embodies a timeless sensuality and sophisticated lifestyle.

With IZINI we wanted to create a sophisticated bikini and beachwear brand that evokes a mindset - an attitude, not an age. A brand that made women feel sexy and confident, glamorous, flirty and fun all at the same time. An original - always defining its own and unique look and style, designed for the confident, sexy, modern woman to embody a sensual, sophisticated lifestyle.

The IZINI brand segmentation is strategically aimed at 21 - 35 year old women, specially targeting the hip and trendy with a very sophisticated mindset. The brand focuses on portraying women in a feminine, sexy, modern and confident style by developing a formula that is timeless. IZINI is about an attitude, not an age - about a mindset, not a stereotype. 

The stylish IZINI bikini combinations complemented by elegant accessories, designer shoes and funky jewelry showcases an array of fabulous modern garments that pack a high dose of glamor to the fashion scene.

With designs that not only aim to promote a sizzling style but also a high dose of comfort, the IZINI bikini beachwear and accessories will add that extra doze of sexy sophistication and chicness that will certainly make your head-to-toe summer look an instant head-tuner.

If you are interested in purchasing this sensually sophisticated off-the-shelf brand please drop us a line at info@brandrepulica.com