CHRISTOPHER RADCLIFFE  Co-Founder and Creative Strategist

Co-Founder and Creative Strategist


Chris is described as relentlessly creative, strategic and an expert at solving problems that others wouldn’t even attempt! Chris began his career as a lecturer of architecture in Liverpool. As a co-founder and director of Brand Republica.

Chris uses his architectural skills to help organisations to identify where, when and how they can provide better, more meaningful and valuable services.

He remains a passionate believer in co-creation, design thinking and assisting organisations to help themselves through actively using design to build internal service capabilities to improve the brand experience.

Chris has worked across all sectors, but has extensive experience in legal, automotive, construction, hospitality, retail and technology sectors.

Main drivers are strategic thinking, creative minds, great design, professional acumen and international business. A multilingual proud Liverpudlian, Chris has been privileged enough to work and live in many places around the world. Best kept secret - was a Celtic King in a previous life & loves everything about Barcelona. 

Ultimate goal - to develop a robot that can print money, bath the dogs and make a full English breakfast.