DANIEL GREENBERG  IP and Online Brand Protection

IP and Online Brand Protection


Daniel is described as extremely capable and highly intelligent international attorney. We have worked with Daniel since 2004. He is a great orator and is excellent at translating complex legal problems in a clear, understandable and concise manner. 

He began his career as an Intellectual Property attorney. But since 2007, he has branched out into Domain Name Management, Domain Name Recovery, Online Brand Protection and other online brand related legal issues.

Daniel was the Winner of Acquisition International's Intellectual Property Award in 2016 for Best Online IP Enforcement in the UK. He has also built a great reputation for taking down fake sites, retrieving domains and catching big phish. Daniel was also one of the first international IP attorneys to receive ICANN accreditation to act as an official registrar for GTLDs.

Main drivers are everything to do with brands, a strong commitment to service excellence, protecting all of our clients both on and off line and making sure his legal team are the best. Daniel is also a massive fan of football and has been passionate about Everton FC since he was a child. He is also the father of three boys and is determined that one of them will bend it like Beckham. His other passion is travel and he has almost been to every major country in the world. 

His best kept secret - his father is the celebrity vet Dr. Platzhund. Ultimate goal - world domination in online brand protection and establish a foreign legion of Everton supporters.