DAVID WRIGHT  Business Strategist

Business Strategist


David is described as a straight talking project leader, who has an innate sense of where the global business intelligence and financial markets are headed. His understanding of a broad range of emerging digital analytics technologies, online financial services and financial software tools has proven very useful in recent years and he is also a great presenter and has excellent client facing ability, which is why he is the new director of our Lisbon office.

Also referred to by Chris as ’The Fixer’, David is often responsible for bringing a wide variety professionals together from a variety of different sectors in different countries. He also studied modern languages at Oxford university, specialising in French, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish.

He has since developed a strong reputation in international sales management and marketing, particularly after closing several big contracts in Iberia and South America. David also has a vast experience in global board management, international negotiations, international trade and business planning and international banking.

Main drivers are business networking, connecting the dots and completing circles, top quality customer service and executive client satisfaction. In his spare time, David plays Golf with the boys and organises social events for expats and foreign delegates in his home town of Lisbon. He is also mad about football and still believes that Leeds United will rise again.

His best kept secret - his passion for growing flowers and organic vegetables on his farm. Ultimate goal - to get a hole in one before he retires, then win a gold at the Chelsea flower show.