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Working with your community is always rewarding, especially when your talents can make a difference to elevate and showcase the art wine making that has been passed on from generation to generation onto the world stage. The Campo range of liqueurs is such an opportunity.

The Challenge

As Portuguese traditions are becoming more and more endangered, with villagers migrating to the cities and the impact of industrialised mass production, this only leaves the most resilient of artisans to push the old, rich and wonderful culture forward. Our challenge was to design a range of packaging that retained the very heart and soul of its artisans, but still be contemporary, charming and stand out in a very competitive market.

The Outcome

Today Portugal is again embracing and treasuring their rich and wonderful culture and will soon become a Unesco World Heritage Patrimony. By engaging with local artisans and participating in this change, championing for the survival of these traditions and promoting creative objects that are embedded within the very heart and soul of its artisans, has been incredibly rewarding.