WARREN BURLEY  Sound Engineering and Video Production

Sound Engineering and Video Production


Warren is described as an innovator and a perfectionist, who has developed an international reputation for mixing voiceover, music and sound perfectly with motion graphics and film.

He has worked on numerous TV shows and TV ads over the years, for a vast amount of famous brands ranging from Audi and Xbox to Disney and the BBC. As a Sound Engineer since 1995, Warren has been helping hundreds of clients lay down a crystal clear sound.

Warren has naturally won many international awards as a sound designer and also for his contributions in television, film, series, ADR recording, documentaries, dialogue recording and final mix.

Also referred to by the team as ’The Mixer’, Warren brings a wide variety of top quality sound and recording services to the table, as well as wealth of professional experience after working in many different business sectors and across several different time zones. He also operates from his own state of the art studio in Los angles and has everything we need to make you sound just right.

Main drivers are business acumen, team spirit, detail and perfection, top quality results and client satisfaction. In his spare time, Warren takes his family on road trips across the US. He is also crazy about football and often travels to the UK to watch Man Utd. His best kept secret - Warren holds the world record for drinking Heinz Ketchup.

Ultimate goal - to become a Hollywood action hero and take down The Rock, Bruce Willis and Stallone before facing off against The Terminator.