Sleeping Child

Sleeping Child


Zenergy Collection
Giclée print on premium art paper
60 × 60 in
152.4 × 152.4 cm
Edition 1 / 150

This is part of a limited edition set.

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As humans we all have a natural rhythm, like our own personal heart beat or our emotions that ebb and flow to form our form of expression. It’s this natural expression that I call “Zen” image making. I often use it when I’m stressed or lacking in energy. It also helps me to regain focus when my mind is confused or when I feel anxious.

In Zen Buddhist philosophy you become mindful of each moment. In the Kazumi collection, I tried to create images that make the viewer aware or mindful of each brushstroke I apply. By sensitively seeking out the right space and proportions on the page, I allow the shapes and forms to breath and compliment one another. This means that they can each have a voice or a personality, as the viewer is forced to see each mark as an individual, as well as a part of the whole. I deliberately put each brushstroke onto very wet surface and allow them to settle slowly. Once I become mindful of each brushstroke, I seem to get into the “flow.” And once I'm in the flow, I reach a meditative state, unaware of the passage of time. That’s where I like to be most of the time as I make my “Zen” images.

Framing: Not included
Signature: Hand-signed by artist, sticker label
Certificate of authenticity Included

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